Histogram Maker

This tool will create a histogram representing the frequency distribution of your data.

You can either enter your data directly - into the textbox below (click just underneath where it says Input Values), one score per line - or you can upload a file.

If you upload a file, then it's got to be in CSV or Excel format.


By default, the algorithm will ignore extreme outliers in your data. If you wish to include all your data, you need to select the Include Outliers option.

Options and Editing

You can choose a number of options for your histogram, including its title and labels. After the tool has generated the histogram, you'll be able to edit bin size, number of bins, and so on.

Please Note

First, don't use commas for any of your formatting (eg., 1,000,000.25 or 1.000.000,25). Second, empty spaces will be discarded. Third, your data must be numerical, with the single exception of column titles in uploaded files.

File Upload