Horizontal Bar Graph Maker

This bar graph maker allows you to create simple and clustered (multi series) horizontal bar charts that provide a visual representation of your data.

Simple Instructions

The easiest way to create a bar graph is just to type your labels in the Labels box below and their corresponding values in the Data box. Then scroll to the bottom of the page, and hit 'Create Bar Chart'.

If you have categorical data - for example, 'Football', 'Football', 'Football', 'Baseball', 'Baseball', 'Football', 'Basketball' - you can just input the data into the Data column, one item per line, and then press 'Create Bar Chart'.


You can choose a number of options for your bar graph, including its title and axes labels. You'll be offered further editing options after the tool has generated the chart. Note, in this implementation, the x-axis is vertical and the y-axis is horizontal.

File Upload